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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Toys on Clearance at Target and Walmart

There are two times every year that I stock up on toys and right now is one of them.  I just went to Target and Walmart where I found some great deals.  I buy a bunch now to have on hand for birthday gifts and then also stocking stuffers and Christmas presents.

Target has 30% off a lot of their toys.  If you wait a couple days, that will go down to 50% and then 70%.  I went today and looked at what they had and bought ones that I know will go quickly.  For example, they are getting rid of their Harry Potter legos.  I found one set that is $39.00 at Toys R Us for only $20.  I also found a paper doll dress up princess set for only $4.  (It is usually $15)  Also, make sure and look at their summer outdoor toys.

At Walmart, they have entire aisles that are on clearance.  I am not as familiar with their sale cycle but I am sure they will continue to be marked down.  But I was able to get a Finn McMissle car for $2 and some spiderman dominoes for only $4.  Both of those will make great stocking stuffers!

Tip:  If something you like is near other clearance items, use the price scanners.  Often times, they have updated the price in their systems but not on the shelves.  You never know!

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