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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Learn the 3-3-2 Rule of Holiday Shopping

Here is some good sales advice from Freebies 2 Deals:

Halloween is Monday and I’m sure everyone is super excited about it!  Just wanted to remind you that the Halloween Clearance Sales will start on Tuesday.  Most stores go by the 3-3-2 Rule. 

The first 3 days are usually marked 50% off, the next 2 are 75% and the last 2 days are 90% off.  Keep in mind that stores may add in a 30% off for a few days at the beginning.. But with Thanksgiving stuff to put up immediately, they probably just want the Halloween decor out of there.

By taking the time to shop clearance now, you will have cute decorations and even costumes at a fraction of the price for next year!  Just store them away in your Halloween boxes in the basement and you’ll have everything you need next year without paying full price for it.

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