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Thursday, September 15, 2011

$5 Off at Subway


Have you tried out Offermatic yet?  It’s a great way to save on just about anything!  You link your credit cards to Offermatic (don’t worry, it’s “read-only” meaning they can see where you spend and they can apply a credit to your card.  But no personal information is visible and your card will never be charged by Offermatic). 

Offermatic sends you rebate offers based on your shopping habits.  All you have to do is activate them and then use one of your linked cards next time you make a purchase at the store!  They will automatically apply your rebate when the charges clear on your account.
Some people have received things like $10 from and $5 from Toys ‘R Us!

Right now, when you sign up, you can activate a $5 rebate to Subway!

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